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Location : IN - India
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Founder : Aanya
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About Us

Team NYX] We are a team of Indian origin. We believe in young talent. There's a lot of potential in us and we're very passionate about gaming. We aim to show our talent to the world. We strive to make a name for ourselves. Counter Strike isn't just a game for us, it's a part of our lives. CSGO taught us to take chances. To peek every corner, to always expect the unexpected. To have multiple perspectives in a scenario. To be humble, to never let our guard down. It's the perfect experience a dedicated gamer can ask for. We would like to announce our line-up for all the upcoming tournaments: Shreya "Shreyy" Prasad (IGL/AWPer) Manjeeta "Aanya" Chappria (Lurker) Nidhi "Stormyy" Salekar (Entry Fragger) Prerna"Elektra" Modi (Rifler) Tanvi "Elicaftw" Sarvani (Strat Caller/Support Player) OUR MOTTO: For us, Its not about winning or losing. Counter Strike is a bit more than that to us. It's an opportunity to thrive and be the best version of ourselves. To us, teamwork is far more important than anything else. The game is all about sportsmanship. Each call-out, each smoke, each flash, each moment in the game counts, so we try to make it a memorable one. The will to compete and excel are the things which makes us well - regarded in the community. A team must not be measured by the amount of wins / losses they have, but instead, the dedication behind each match. Real victory doesn't come from how many times you won, but how you react to each loss. OUR TEAM: We didn't get good overnight, we still have a lot to learn. We don't always have happy moments. We don't always achieve the glory we desired for, but what we do have are our teammates, we can count upon eachother, to provide support and and have our back and it's not about just in game but also in the real world. We at Team NYX are looking forward to be a part of all the upcoming E - Sports Tournaments with this line-up and strive to be the best. We'll be posting here regarding any further updates. Please stay tuned and your support means a lot to us. Keep supporting and keep grinding :) #TEAMNYX #JAIHIND

Player Roster

  • Aanya (C)
  • Queen
  • Scar Dolphin

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