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Legion of Valkyries: Valorant December 2021

30 Nov 2021 - 15 Dec 2021
Prize Pool

1,000 USD

Asia Pacific

Server Region
  • $600
  • $250
  • $150
VENUE Online
REGISTRATION 30 Nov 2021 - 15 Dec 2021
COMPETITION 20 Dec 2021 - 24 Dec 2021


Official tournament Discord: Join Here

Every person is eligible to join the tournament under the following conditions:

* Participants must own a Paypal account in order to receive the Prize Money from the tournament.

** The prize money will be deducted from Thailand's outbound tax rate (15%) and Paypal's transaction fee.

***Prize winners will need to submit their bank/Paypal information within 5 working days (Since the tournament was done.)

1st Place: USD 600
2nd Place: USD 250
3rd Place: USD 150

◾️ Venue: Online
◾️ Registration: 30 November - 15 December, 2021
◾️ Bracket Announcement: 17 December, 2021
◾️ Competition: 20 - 24 December, 2021

Eligible countries to join the tournament:

Hong Kong
South Asia**
*Server will be based on Singapore 1 and Singapore 2 (Except cases such as PH vs PH where Hong Kong server works better for both team)*
**South Asia countries are eligible but will have to compete on SG1 or SG2 server

LOV Valorant December 2021 tournament Format
🔸 First bracket in the tournament teams will compete in a Single Elimination (Bo1) Format.
🔸 In the round of semifinals and bronze match (3rd place match) will compete in Best of 3 (Bo3) Format.
🔸 In the Final teams will compete in a Single Elimination Best of 3 Format.

LOV Valorant September 2021
● Mode: Standard
● Cheats: off
● Game version: Current patch

Round of 32: Ascent (Bo1) *With coin toss to pick a side
Round of 16: Pick & Ban (Bo1)
Quarterfinals: Pick & Ban (Bo1)
Semifinals: Pick & Ban (Bo3)
3rd place match: Pick & Ban (Bo3)
Finals: Pick & Ban (Bo3)

In each pick & ban stage, every participant will use the https://www.mapban.gg in order to pick and ban the map in that round.

● Matches will start at 7pm GMT+7. Please note that you can reschedule if both teams can agree on a time.
● If one of the teams could not show up with 5 players from their registered roster within 15 minutes AFTER the agreed time, the admins may give an option for another team to request for a bye win. The team that failed to show up will be immediately given a loss if the request goes through. (We do not allow 4v5 games to start)
● If there is only one match on that day and one team is unable to play the match according to the scheduled time. The two teams can decide whether they want to postpone that match. Evidence of the agreed time must be submitted to admins via discord.
● Further into the bracket games may take longer, if your opponent has not finished their match please wait until they are done.

Rules during the tournament
● If you are a streamer and decide to stream during the tournament you must toggle off Show Blood in settings. This is a rule from Riot Games Inc and should be followed strictly. If a player disconnects during the match, we will not restart the match. However, the disconnected player can rejoin the match. If the player cannot rejoin then you will have to continue playing.
● The match only starts when both teams are ready to start.
● Each team will have 30 seconds of Tactical pauses in duration one time per map. Timeouts can be called via in-game pause system.

Rules for the tournament
● Please make sure that you’re in-game name is appropriate before participating in the tournament.
● Please do not grief your teammates or opponents, for example verbally abusing a team or players in all chat. If a report and evidence is shown of this happening your team will immediately be disqualified.

Further information
● Rules may change or be added accordingly, during the competition. Teams and players will be notified of any changes.
● Please make sure that all members of your team have read the rules thoroughly and understand them. If a player breaks a rule a member of staff or admin can decide the fate of your team in the tournament.
● During this tournament we may stream matches as we see fit. By joining this tournament, you are agreeing to us broadcasting your match live.
●If you have any questions regarding the tournament you can contact our admins or staff in the ROL discord server.
●If an admin has given a verdict or made a decision the decision is considered final.



Players must use a Video Call (while playing), through either mobile phone or PC to verify that the player is the same person who registered in this tournament.

Players must engage in a Video Call room 15 minutes prior to the match to verify all matters before the game starts.

Any app or software with video call capabilities are allowed to be used.

If the players from the same team are playing in the same place, the players are allowed to use only one video call. If they are playing in different places, the Video Call must cover every player.

If a team member fails to use a Video Call, the whole team will be disqualified. 


17 Registered Teams
  • 14 Approved
  • 3 Pending
  • 0 Rejected

Meme team Lady

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FW Lady

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Finesse Eirene

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VLT Asteria

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Five Musketeers

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