Legion Weekly Gaming News: Week of 9 May 2022

Legion weekly gaming news is where you will find a compilation of bite-sized news about upcoming game releases, DLC announcements and industry news. This week, you will find news regarding:

1. Jotun: Valhalla Edition and Prey are free on the Epic Games Store

2. Salt and Sacrifice released exclusively for the Epic Games Store

3. Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters now available on Steam and the Epic Games Store

4. Source of Madness leaves Early Access and makes it onto Steam and GOG

5. Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit is out now on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

6. Adventure game Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die! is now available on Steam

Read on to find out more.

Epic Games Store lets you go mythological with Jotun: Valhalla Edition or sci-fi with Prey

Source: Thunder Lotus Games (L) & Bethesda Softworks (R)

If you were a little disappointed last week because the Epic Games Store only gave out one free game, you can now turn that frown upside down because from today until May 19, Jotun: Valhalla Edition and Prey can be added to your library for free.

Jotun: Valhalla Edition is an action-exploration game by Thunder Lotus Games that draws inspiration from games like The Legend of Zelda, Journey and Shadow of the Colossus. In this epic journey, you play as Thora, a Norse warrior who died an inglorious death and must now face the challenges of Viking purgatory to prove herself to the Gods and enter Valhalla.

Combat is fairly simple in Jotun, as you will be relying on the axe chop (light attack), axe swing (heavy attack), dodge and various God Powers such as Frigg’s Healing, Freya’s Speed, Thor’s Hammer and more. You will have to master these skills as Thora will eventually have to do battle with the five giants to collect the runes she needs to prove herself to the Gods. In the Valhalla Edition, you can also play in Valhalla Mode, which is essentially a boss rush mode with even fiercer versions of the already challenging bosses.

To add Jotun: Valhalla Edition to your Epic Games Store library, click here.

As for Bethesda SoftworksPrey, this isn’t the first time the Epic Games Store has offered it for free, however, if you missed the last few redemptions, you definitely shouldn’t miss getting it this time around as this is one of the must-play games for fans of sci-fi action games. 

The first-person shooter with RPG elements is set aboard the Talos 1 space station and you are a key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever - but things have gone terribly wrong. The space station has been overrun by the Typhons, aliens that are hunting down surviving crew members, which include you.

Once you are done with the main story of the base game, you can also experience the included standalone DLC, Prey: Mooncrash which includes three game modes: Story Mode, Survival Mode, and New Game+. In Mooncrash, you come face to face with overwhelming odds in your attempt to escape the secret TranStar base on the moon. In this campaign, the enemies you encounter, hazards you face, goals you complete and loot you collect are different each time you play, giving you endless replayability.

To add Prey to your library, click here.

Are you brave enough to uncover the Source of Madness?

The first of the two side-scrolling action-RPG released this week is Thunderful and Carry Castle’s Source of Madness. In this Lovecraftian odyssey, you take on the role of an acolyte in an alternate reality controlled by cosmic entities. These worlds warp and distort each, leave the Loam Lands unpredictably terraformed and inhabited by grotesque beings of celestial origins.

This background fits in perfectly with the Source of Madness as it is also a roguelite. This means each playthrough will feature unpredictable terrain and also up to billions of permutations of procedurally-generated beasts born of a neural network that concocts creatures from a seemingly endless abyss, offering a unique spin on the genre. These physics-rigged monstrosities climb and stretch in billions of different ways as they are brought to life by a powerful machine-learning AI that will do anything to make your life a living hell!

Besides the horrors out to kill you, your adventure to get to the source of this unknowable evil will take you across nine biomes, from the depths of the Dungeon of Forgotten Knowledge to the grand non-euclidean citadel R’Lyeh and all the way up to the celestial bodies on the rims of the universe.

To destroy the transmuted abominations, you will have a wide variety of spells in your arsenal as you are able to choose between five classes, upgrade your skills and unlock all manner of magic abilities as you collect equipment and items left behind by those who came before you. You can even unlock new spells by infusing the blood of your enemies into magical altars. But be warned, every time you are defeated, the world will be reborn and you will lose all your equipment.

If you are ready to delve into the Source of Madness, you can purchase it from Steam or GOG.

Declare war on the forces of Chaos in Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters

Source: Complex Games

Are you ready to purge the daemons heretics in the name of the God-Emperor? If the answer is yes, then you are ready to take control of the elite Space Marines chapter known as the Grey Knights in the latest turn-based tactical RPG set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters, by Games Workshop, Frontier Foundry and Complex Games.

In Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters, you command the Grey Knights in cinematic and aggressive ground combat missions, using firepower, melee weapons, psychic abilities and the environment itself to rid the universe of the filthy forces of the chaos god Nurgle. Between battles you will have to manage a wider conflict against the Bloom from aboard the Baleful Edict strike cruiser, choosing where to take the next fight and researching new ways to destroy the forces of Chaos.

The goal of the campaign is to eliminate five Reapers of the Bloom to stop the cosmic plague, leading to a final conflict with the iconic Death Lord Mortarion, Daemon Primarch of Nurgle. You will have numerous tools at your disposal - including the Exterminatus, a last-ditch weapon upgrade from the Baleful Edict that purges all life from a planet with a single push of a button.

You can purchase Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters from Steam or the Epic Games Store. You can also purchase the Castellan Champion Edition which unlocks access to the exclusive Grey Knights character Castellan Garran Crowe. This edition also comes with the game’s original soundtrack.

You will find no sanctuary from your enemies in Salt and Sacrifice

The sequel to Ska Studios and Devoured Studios’ million-plus selling soulslike platformer, Salt and Sanctuary - Salt and Sacrifice - has finally been released and summons wayward warriors to Altarstone Kingdom to hunt down the fearsome corrupted Mages.

In this much-anticipated sequel, you are a Marked Inquisitor, a condemned soul tasked with hunting corrupted Mages as the ultimate act of penance for past crimes. Your journey in Altarstone Kingdom will give you a firsthand look at how the Mages have choked the life out of the once-mighty land. You will shape the fate of the forsaken Kingdom as one of eight character classes, and take up arms to hunt these Mages, purify the land, and earn a chance at redemption.

Similar to other soulslike games, combat in Salt and Sacrifice is challenging but rewarding as you will have to master the art of parrying, dodging and anticipating your opponent’s next move. However, enemies won’t play fair and will attack you in groups. If you are a fan soulslike games or even Salt and Sanctuary, you will also know that the boss fights are deadly affairs.

One of the best things about Salt and Sacrifice is that you can engage in online multiplayer for cooperative Mage hunts or even take part in PvP invasions. You can now join factions for expanded multiplayer options, like the Shroud Alliance, whose agents use the mysterious Page of Curses to invade the world of other Inquisitors. On the other side of the coin are the Oathbound Watchers, an outfit dedicated to aiding those invaded by other players.

Salt and Sacrifice can be purchased exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

Go on a mystery-solving adventure in Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit

Source: Thunderful

Thunderful and Tag of Joy have finally released their mystery adventure game that blends stunning hand-painted scenery with a compelling investigative story wrapped in secrets. If you enjoy point-and-click games, you definitely should play Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit, which can now be purchased from Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store.  

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit begins as a personal story about Milda who is travelling to the home of her deceased Lithuanian grandfather after receiving a mysterious letter referencing a family secret. This soon unfurls into a rich web of enigmatic danger that draws on the rich and underexplored history of the region. Milda’s family secret goes deeper than she ever imagined, leading her to investigate a lost relic, Lithuania’s most legendary royal and the clandestine machinations of the KGB during the Soviet era.

To get to the bottom of the mystery, you will have to help Milda decipher enigmatic anonymous messages, and solve logic-testing conundrums and classic item puzzles. The game is packed with a variety of mysteries and puzzles and some even require Milda to change her outfit and even hairstyle. 

The game is also filled with a host of fun and eccentric characters, all with fully voiced dialogue and played by an incredibly talented voice cast that has lent their voices in games like The Moneky Island series, Day of the Tentacle, The Wolf Among Us and the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok.

Time to end the week with a (head)bang with Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die!

Time to turn up the volume and go on a rocking indie adventure in Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die! by Instant Million and Valtteri Tavast. In this game inspired by classic point-and-click games, heavy metal and underground comix, you put on the denim vest of a middle-aged teddy bear to orchestrate the comeback of his old glam metal band. However, there is one tiny problem and that is the fact that glam metal has been the laughing stock of everyone in the music industry since the 1980s.

The game is based on project director Valtteri Tavast’s, a Finnish cartoonist and musician, very own experiences as a bass player in a punk band no one has ever heard of. This charming and wild adventure will take about ten hours to complete and is filled with rock clichés and music industry shenanigans played out through comedy and satire.

You will get to experience all the fun side of life of a middle-aged musician and this includes organising schedules with bandmates who have families and careers, rehearsing in mouldy basements, and playing Tuesday night support gigs in empty bars for no money. In short, you will get to live “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dream!”

Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die! can now be purchased from Steam. If you would like to give the game a try before you buy, there is also a free demo that you can download.

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