Legion Weekly Gaming News: Week of 4 April 2022

Legion weekly gaming news is where you will find a compilation of bite-sized news about upcoming game releases, DLC announcements and industry news. This week, you will find news regarding:

1. This week’s Epic Games Store free games are Rogue Legacy and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

2. Princess Farmer gets released on Steam, the Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store

3. Remaster of The Wheel of Time gets released exclusively on GOG

4. Demo for tower defence, deck-building game ORX is now available on Steam 

5. Craft Hero makes its way to Steam Early Access

6. Action-packed arcade game Magnet Crusher gets released on Steam

Read on to find out more.

Rogue-lite or horror? Get both with this week’s duo of free games from the Epic Games Store

Source: Cellar Door Games (L) & THQ Nordic (R)

The Epic Games Store is still giving out two free games and from today until April 14, you can redeem Cellar Door Games’ award-winning rogue-lite Rogue Legacy and THQ Nordic’s horror game The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Released in 2013, Rogue Legacy is a 2D platformer rogue-lite filled to the brim with humour and challenges. In Rogue Legacy, you control a family of heroes one at a time, and when they die you choose their successor. Like most roguelike games, with each death, your lineage grows and becomes stronger. 

Your next-of-kin will come in 8 unique classes and also bear unique traits that will make each playthrough special. How special? If your new hero is colour-blind, the game will be presented in black and white; if he or she has ADHD, they will move faster; if they have the flexible trait, they will be able to turn mid-swing to redirect their attack and a whole lot more.

With its procedurally generated levels and more than 60 different enemies, Rogue Legacy promises almost never-ending challenges. You can add Rogue Legacy to your library by clicking here.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter was released in 2014 and was developed by The Astronauts, a team that consists of former owners and designers at People Can Fly, who worked on Painkiller, Gears of War and Bulletstorm. This first-person “weird fiction” horror game focuses on atmosphere, mood, and the essential humanity of its characters. 

You play as a detective with the supernatural ability to visualise crime scenes and your latest case is to investigate the kidnapping of a young boy and save him before it is too late. However, the case takes a major twist as you come across the mutilated body of one of the kidnappers.

The game doesn’t feature any combat and it is all about using detective tools and supernatural powers to solve this grisly mystery set in the beautiful Red Creek Valley. Add The Vanishing of Ethan Carter to your library by clicking here.

Be a magical bunny farmer in the charming match-3 game Princess Farmer

There are plenty of match-3 games available but Samobee Games aims to provide you with a match-3 game that features a charming story and a host of lovable characters in their latest release, Princess Farmer.

In this bright and colourful game, you play as an ordinary farmer who one day wakes up under the Gaia Tree and is bestowed incredible strength that she has to use to uncover the mysterious happenings within the woods. With her newfound strength, she can hoist up whole rows of veggies with ease to make matches and smash obstacles. The innovative match-3 gameplay mechanic emphasises strategic stack management and reaction-based character movements to give the age-old formula a twist.

While you do get to meet, interact and build relationships with adorable characters and creatures throughout the story, who will be your AI companions, you can also play Princess Farmer with a friend through local co-op.

Princess Farmer can now be purchased from Steam, the Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store.

The Wheel of Time gets fast-forwarded to the present with help of Nightdive Studios

Source: Nightdive Studios

The masters of remasters Nightdive Studios have done it once again and given yet another classic their magic touch for gamers to experience a timeless classic. This time, the talented folks at Nightdive Studios have teamed up with Red Eagle Games and GOG.com to welcome players back to Robert Jordan’s legendary fantasy masterpiece, The Wheel of Time

Originally developed by Legend Entertainment and released in 1999, The Wheel of Time is a fantasy-themed first-person shoot set 150 years before the events of the epic novel series and hit Amazon TV show. You play as Elayna Sedai, the Keeper of the Chronicles of the White Tower, as she embarks on a perilous quest to retrieve one of the four lost seals keeping the terrifying and mysterious Dark One imprisoned.

Fans of the novels and TV series will get to explore familiar locations like the crumbling city of Shadar Logoth, Mountains of Mist, and the White Tower. Instead of swords and shields though, you will utilise a variety of more than 40 ter’angreal - magical artifacts to best your enemies with spells. These spells range from the simple but effective fireball and magic darts to more complex ones such as swapping locations with an enemy and short-range teleportation. These artifacts can also be combined and chained together for devastating effects. 

The Wheel of Time is available for purchase exclusively on GOG.

Try out a new take on the tower defence genre in ORX’s free demo

Slated to release later this year, Critical Reflex’s has just released a free demo for its upcoming tower defence, deck-building game, ORX, on Steam

ORX blends the beloved tower defence genre with the mechanics of deck building and tabletop games where you will have to defend your lands from relentless attacks by a never-ending swarm of monsters. The game is set in a beautifully drawn dark fantasy world and features a roguelike Campaign that features three acts, all within distinct biomes, day/night and season cycles.

There are four factions for you to play as, each with its own set of cards and tactics, and over 300 cards for you to collect and use. You will constantly unlock new cards, which will let you experiment and build the perfect deck to defeat over 30 types of enemies. Other than cards, you will also unlock powerful items known as Artifacts that enhance decks in game-changing ways and bolster your kingdom’s defences.

Last but not least, ORX features an advanced difficulty mode for those who have mastered the campaign and want to put their tactical skills to the ultimate test.

OKJOY brings its minimalist sandbox survival game to Steam Early Access

Source: OKJOY

If you prefer a tower defence game that has more of a cutesy art style with sandbox and survival mechanics, then OKJOY’s Craft Hero should be right up your lane. The game has just been released on Steam Early Access and there is also a free-to-play demo available. 

In this tower defence game, instead of just plopping down towers along lanes where enemies spawn, there is actually a town-building and survival aspect at play. You will have to gather resources in the wild, refine metals, plant trees and breed animals to feed your villagers. You will have to recruit mercenaries that will aid you to explore the dynamic dungeons and ransack the wilderness.

Once you have gathered the necessary resources, you will then need to play your defences cunningly with walls, traps and towers, and lure your enemies into them. After you have defeated the Dark Lord of that biome, you can enter other biomes where you will have to adapt your base accordingly.

Finally, research is also extremely important to unlock new weapons, magic, electricity and even automated production. All of which will help you keep your villagers happy and to defeat the Dark Lords.

ToccGames releases its first PC title, Magnet Crusher on Steam

ToccGames is a brand new studio made up of 2 French brothers will little to no experience in game development. For their very first PC game, they have released the action-packed arcade game, Magnet Crusher, which is now available on Steam. The game is also available on Android and iOS devices, with cross-progression between mobile and PC platforms.

The idea behind this unique game was to make a dynamic game with unique gameplay that appears simple at first, but rewards players that manage to master its intricacies. You take control of two magnets, pulling and pushing a puck to destroy waves of enemies in a variety of arenas. You will have to properly keep the pucks moving fast as, without speed, the puck is unable to destroy the enemies.

Magnet Crush features several games modes which include, Adventure Mode, where there are 40 levels spread throughout 4 different worlds and features boss fights; Arcade Mode, where the goal is to survive as long as possible while destroying waves after waves of enemies; Survival Mode, where enemies will keep appearing and get faster and stronger each time and the goal is to stay calm and focused to see if you can last a few more seconds, and finally, Survival Streamer Mode, designed for Twitch streamers, where your viewers can either help you or make it harder for you.

Magnet Crusher can now be purchased on Steam with a 10% launch discount that ends on April 14.

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