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Legion Weekly Gaming News: Week of 29 November 2021

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Legion weekly gaming news is where you will find a compilation of bite-sized news about upcoming game releases, DLC announcements and industry news. This week, you will find news regarding:

1. Dead by Daylight arrives on the Epic Games Store for free with new DLC in tow

2. Puzzle/simulation game While True: Learn () is free on the Epic Games Store 

3. The Ascent gets first paid DLC pack - ‘Cybersec’ alongside new updates 

4. Date Night Bowling hits a strike and rolls its way onto Steam

5. Party Brawler Rubber Bandits is now on Steam and the Microsoft Store

6. Psychological thriller Twin Mirror launches on Steam and Epic Games Store with 50% discount

Read on to find out more.

Dead by Daylight stalks its way onto the Epic Games Store

Dead by Daylight has finally found its way onto the Epic Games Store and from today until December 10, you can add the game to your library for free. Share this piece of news with your friends so you can get hooked on this survival horror game together. You will only be receiving the base game but to celebrate the game’s arrival on the platform, most DLCs will be 50% off.

Besides the game arriving on the Epic Games Store, Behaviour Interactive has also released a new DLC - Portraits of a Murder - for the game. The latest DLC presents the new Killer Carmina Mora, a.k.a The Artist, a gifted Chilean artist whose life was saved by an ethereal murder of crows, and Survivor Jonah Vasquez - - a brilliant Mexican American CIA codebreaker. On top of that, there is also a brand new map for you to hunt or be hunted in, the Forsaken Boneyard is an abandoned graveyard inspired by the fascinating world of surrealist artwork.

Similar to the other Killers in the game’s roster, The Artist comes with a killer power to torment survivors. With Birds of Torment, she can summon Dire Crows to unleash a devastating assault that will bring dynamic gameplay possibilities to the already action-packed and tense gameplay. These Dire Crows will swarm Survivors, revealing their aura until the swarm is repelled and swarmed survivors hit by a second bird will take damage.

Last but not least is the arrival of The Everlasting Frost Collection that contains three Very Rare Outfits - Wintry Reverie Very Rare Outfit for The Artist; Crystalline Apparition Very Rare Outfit for The Spirit and Icebound Phantom Very Rare Outfit for Ghost Face.

while True: Learn () lets you learn about machine learning in a less boring method

Source: Luden.io

Machine Learning is extremely useful but also extremely complicated to understand but if you have been interested in the topic, indie game development studio Luden.io’s while True: learn () is an interesting and more interactive way for you to learn about it. From today until December 10, you can get this simulator for free from the Epic Games Store.

In while True: learn (), you play as a machine learning specialist who uses visual programming to make a living but your cat seems to be better at it. Now you must solve puzzles to build a cat-to-human translation system to find out what else your cat is capable of. Throughout the game, you will earn a fortune, buy kickass cat outfits and learn how machine learning really works at the same time.

Just for your information, the game has even been used by schools and universities in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, China and other countries to teach students about the basics of machine learning.

The Ascent receives explosive new paid Cybersec DLC pack

Swedish indie Studio, Neon Giant have been hard at work polishing up their cyberpunk action-shooter The Ascent and have recently released its first paid DLC pack ‘CyberSec’ alongside a slew of new updates.

The CyberSec pack is the new explosive collection from CyberSec Mega - the game’s largest mil-tech and manufacturer and main supplier of CorpSec. This new DLC pack comes with two new weapons, the NEWT MGL grenade launch and RECOIL ballistic burst rifle; one new tactical equipment, the GR00P Cluster Grenade; four new BOOMBLOCK armour and four new animated weapon skins.

Besides the new DLC pack, Patch #5 will also be available for all players and introduces a brand new Transmogrification feature, allowing you to change your Indent’s appearance to match the visual style of any armour currently in your inventory by visiting the Stylist and paying a small fee. Once a visual style is applied, you can equip any armour based on your gameplay priorities whilst keeping your customised look.

Last but not least, Neon Giant has also unveiled its post-launch roadmap and shows that they will be introducing features such as NewGame+, new VO lines for side missions, a free Winter Pack in December, a paid update to the Chongqing Pack and a brand new Cyber-Warrior paid pack early next year.

The Ascent is available for purchase on Steam or the Microsoft Store.

Date Night Bowling lets you showcase your dating and minigame skills

Source: Way Deep Down

If you are a fan of dating simulators and want something a little more “realistic” instead of having to date your weapons or take monsters to prom, publisher Way Down Deep and developer Serenity Forge have released Date Night Bowling where you can test if your dating skills will strike the right chords or be a total gutter ball.

In Date Night Bowling, you and one of 10 very special someones will hit the neon-lit bowling alley for a date. This is where the fun begins, but not where it ends. You will have to impress and woo your date by showing them your skills with a turkey or two, master the claw machine to get them some nice gifts, wine and dine them with snacks that they want and be a wonderful host as you work your way through multiple minigames to prove that the first date will absolutely not be the last.

That is not all as you can invite your real-life crush or partner to play this game with you as it supports single-player and local co-op. Who knows, you might actually woo them with your impressive gaming skills.

You can purchase Date Night Bowling from Steam.

Rubber Bandits released just in time for the holiday season

December is finally here and for many, this means a nice long break from work or school. So if you are fortunate enough to spend time at home with your family and want a game that all of you can enjoy together, Flashbulb Games have released their hilarious party brawler, Rubber Bandits

This physics-based multiplayer features a variety of ridiculous game modes such as Heist mode, where you have to get away with the most loot while busting your foes; Brawl mode, where the goal is to beat everyone else to a pulp, and finally Arcade mode, where your goal is to make it to the end of the level.

There is also plenty of customisation options in Rubber Bandits as you can choose the perfect disguise to carry out your crimes in style. There are over a dozen fun characters to unlock, from Granny to Banana and more.

Throughout the game, you will have to unleash nonstop mayhem on your opponents and you can do so by using the various power-ups and unique weapons such as rockets, swords, chairs and even baguettes. There are 25 colourful levels that feature classic heist locations like banks, museums, and the mean streets.

If you want to purchase Rubber Bandits, you can get it from Steam or the Microsoft Store.

Psychological thriller Twin Mirror launches with huge 50% discount

Source: DONTNOD Entertainment

Twin Mirror is a psychological thriller from French indie video games publisher and developer, DONTNOD Entertainment that tells a gripping story of Sam Higgs and his quest for truth. After leaving his hometown of Basswood, West Virginia and everyone he knows behind for two years, Sam returns home after the death of his best friend and he will have to confront the town’s troubled past - and his own.

While searching for the truth, Sam struggles to balance the scales of reconciliation and his life-changing investigation. He must then decide how much he’s willing to risk to uncover the mysteries of his hometown.

To help his investigation, you will have to rely on Sam’s unique abilities, the first being the Mind Palace, an expansive and unique part of his mind that lets you revisit his past, relive old memories and reconstruct events to gather clues and predict the story’s turning points. Then there is also Sam’s Double, the more social and empathetic side of himself that only he can see which helps him through social interactions and helps him navigate society.

Every decision, interaction and discovery will influence the direction of Sam’s investigation and ultimately determine how much of himself he’s willing to sacrifice. 

Twin Mirror can now be purchased on Steam and the Epic Games Store and comes with a 50% discount that ends on December 15. There is also a free demo that lets you try out out the game before buying it.

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