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Legion Weekly Gaming News: Week of 2 August 2021

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Legion weekly gaming news is where you will find a compilation of bite-sized news about upcoming game releases, DLC announcements and industry news. This week, you will find news regarding:

1. Epic Games Store’s duo of free games are A Plague Tale: Innocence and Minit

2. The Ramp arrives on Steam

3. GRIME is launched on Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG and Humble Store

4. Haven Park is now available on Steam and GOG

5. PUBG: Battlegrounds collaborates with K-Pop Sensation Blackpink

6. Golf Club: Wasteland will be released on September 3

Read on to find out more.

A Plague Tale: Innocence and Minit Go Free on Epic Games Store

Source: Asobo Studio (L) & Indigo Pearl (R)

From today until August 12, the Epic Games Store is offering up A Plague Tale: Innocence and Minit for free. 

A Plague Tale: Innocence is a thrilling third-person adventure that was released last year by developer Asobo Studio. The game has received perfect scores and brilliant reviews from critics and gamers alike for its strong narratives and compelling single-player experience. If you love games with captivating stories, then you should definitely play A Plague Tale: Innocence.

Set in the plague-ravaged Kingdom of France, you are drawn into the story of Amicia and her little brother Hugo who are on the run from the Inquisition. To survive this harsh, brutal world plagued by war and the Black Death the siblings will have to join forces with other orphans to enact devilish plans to trick foes into destroying each other, while they escape to safety.

Released back in 2018 by publisher Devolver Digital and developer Indigo Pearl, Minit is a peculiar adventure game where you play just 60 seconds at a time. Journey outside the comfort of your home to help the unusual folk, uncover countless secrets, and overcome dangerous foes, all in hopes of lifting a rather unfortunate curse that ends each day after just one minute.

To add A Plague Tale: Innocence to your Epic Games Store library, click HERE and click HERE to claim your free copy of Minit.

Digital Skateboarding Toy, The Ramp, Launches on Steam

From the co-creator of Islanders and Superflight, Paul Schnepf also known as Hyperparadise has just released his latest project, The Ramp, on Steam. Described as a ‘digital skateboarding toy,’ The Ramp invites you to experience a game that aims to capture the delight of skateboarding in its purest form.

Chill out, do tricks, and look cool. In The Ramp, you must learn to focus your energy and go with the flow, listening to a chilled-out soundtrack as you roam free across four wildly different levels - from a simple halfpipe to a multi-story jump ramp - and pull off breathtaking skateboarding tricks.

Unlike past skateboarding games with complex mechanics and cheesy storylines, The Ramp is a stripped-back experience that captures the essence of real-life vert skateboarding. There are no points, levels or unlockables, all tricks can be performed at any time, provided you have got the skill and patience to master.

The Ramp is available for purchase on Steam and currently has a 20% discount until August 11.

Action-RPG Metroidvania, GRIME Has Been Unleashed

Source: Akupara Games

The highly-anticipated Action-RPG Metrovania that also draws inspiration from FromSoftware’s Souls franchise, GRIME, is now available on Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG and the Humble Store.

GRIME is set in a twisted world that is populated with surreal locales such as weeping caves and face-covered deserts, all of which are inhabited by otherworldly friends and foes. The combat in GRIME is brutal and features a unique risk/reward system that is bound to give you a challenge as you parry enemy attacks, smash them into the ground or air and absorb them to grow stronger.

Speaking of absorbing enemies, it is part of GRIME’s unique skill progression as you have to hunt down and absorb challenging monsters to improve your skills and bring true customisation to your playstyle. As for said bosses, these creatures are dozens of times your size so you will have to adapt to their strategies and withstand their assault to defeat and consume them.

From now until 11 August, GRIME has a 10% discount on all the aforementioned digital distribution services.

Wholesome Exploration Game Haven Park is Now Available

Looking for a game to help you relax after a busy day at work or school? Look no further than the incredibly wholesome Haven Park by publisher Mooneye Studios and developer Fabien Weibel. In Haven Park, you inherit your grandma’s old camping grounds and soon find yourself maintaining the park and meeting its whimsical campers to restore the resort to its former glory.

Haven Park is a wholesome single-player exploration and building game that lets you explore its beautiful designed world freely while taking care of the park and its quirky campers. There is a lot to do and discover in Haven Park but the game lets you do it all at your own pace. Throughout the game not only will you maintain and develop several cosy camps in order to attract more characters but you will also embark on various quests when you learn of the park’s secrets and legends from the campers.

From now until August 13, there is a 15% discount when you purchase Haven Park on Steam or GOG.

PUBG: Battlegrounds’ Newest Squad are the Pretty Savages, Blackpink

Source: Krafton, Inc.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is about to get pretty savage as KRAFTON, Inc. has unveiled details of its partnership with world-renowned K-Pop girl group, Blackpink. This partnership includes an in-game event, thematic elements that can be found throughout certain maps and a series of Blackpink-themed in-game items, which will make it a serious chicken dinner for fans of the quartet.

Starting from August 8 and lasting until September 7, you can participate in special in-game event missions to earn points that can be used to acquire exclusive Blackpink items like their in-game Level 3 helmet and Contraband coupons.

These missions are:

These missions are:

- Parachute - Parachute 600M in total.

- Survive 15 minutes - Survive 15 minutes in a single match. Survival time includes time spent spectating your teammates.

- Heal up - Heal 250 total health.

- Top 10 - Reach Top 10.

For players who aren’t able to complete the Event Missions, you will still have the chance to purchase Blackpink-themed cosmetic items in-game all the way through the end of 2021. There are thirty-five distinct items available for purchase with Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa getting their own cosmetic bundles, each with themed hair, an outfit, a nameplate, helmet, weapon and more.

Throughout the period of this partnership, various Blackpink-themed elements can be found in the maps of PUBG: Battlegrounds. These include building decals, plane banners and thematic changes to supply crates and LV.3 helmets. 

Last but not least, KRAFTON, Inc. has also announced that during a later date, they will be giving away real Blackpink LV.3 helmets and autographed CDs. So you will want to keep your eyes peeled for more information.

If you want to start getting in on the action, you can purchase and download PUBG: Battlegrounds from Steam.

Golf Club: Wasteland Delays the Apocalypse to Sept 3

Back in June, Untold Tales and Demagog Studio announced that their upcoming golf game, Golf Club: Wasteland would be releasing in August. However, recently CEO of Demagog Studios, Igor Simic has mentioned that they are taking a few extras weeks to finish up some free extras into the game. So now, the official release date for the game is September 3.

To recap what Golf Club: Wasteland is about, it is a golf game that takes place in a future where 99% of human life has been wiped out and Earth is now a golf course for the ultra-rich who live on Mars. You play as a lone golfer back on Earth for one last round. In between putts, you will piece together the fall of humanity at the hands of consumerism, Silicon Valley culture, and ecological disasters through the narrative, custom radio show style soundtrack, and environmental storytelling.

The game will be available on Steam and Epic Games Store and will be priced at the regional equivalent of US$9.99 / EUR9.99.

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