Legion Weekly Gaming News: Week of 30 August 2021

Legion weekly gaming news is where you will find a compilation of bite-sized news about upcoming game releases, DLC announcements and industry news. This week, you will find news regarding:

1. Yoku’s Island Express is this week’s free game on the Epic Games Store

2. Watch Dogs: Legion is free to play from today until September 5

3. Delightfully cute ARPG Kitaria Fables has launched for the PC

4. WRC 10 is now available for purchase 

5. Medieval Grand Theft Auto, Rustler is out now on Steam and Microsoft Store

6. A Total War Saga: Troy receives new mythical expansion

Read on to find out more.

Get Open-World Pinball Adventure Game Yoku’s Island Express for Free

Source: Team17

Released in 2018 by publisher Team17 and independent developer Villa Gorilla, Yoku’s Island Express is a charming open-world pinball adventure game that is bound to have you entranced in its story and gameplay.

Our titular hero, Yoku, arrives on Mokumana with the intention of having an easy life, soaking up the sun and delivering parcels on this tropical paradise. However, an ancient Island deity is trapped in a restless sleep - and it’s all down to Yoku to traverse the island using a unique blend of pinball mechanics, platforming and open world exploration, in an amazing adventure to help those in need!

With pinball mechanics, you will have to flip and bump the pint-sized protagonist around the stunning hand-painted island where you can seamlessly explore multiple regions of the island, which are made up of tropical beaches, lush jungles, snowy mountains, mysterious caves, and steamy hot springs.

Throughout your adventure with Yoku, you will unlock a range of fantastic new power-ups by helping the locals. You will definitely need these powers as there are multiple epic battles against giant bosses.

Yoku’s Island Express is free on the Epic Games Store from today until September 9, get it by clicking HERE.

Play Watch Dogs: Legion for Free from Today Until September 5

Ubisoft’s third-instalment in its open-world action-adventure Watch Dogs series, Watch Dogs: Legion will be available to play for free from 5PM (UK time GMT +1) on September 3 until 3PM (UK time GMT +1) on September 5. During this free weekend, you will have access to the single-player campaign and online mode. This will give you a good opportunity to experience the game for yourself.

Watch Dogs: Legion takes place in a version of London that is facing its downfall. Amidst the growing unrest of a restless London, an unknown entity named Zero-Day has framed secret underground resistance DedSec for coordinated bombings across London. In the aftermath, criminal opportunists from every corner of London took hold and filled the void left by a defeated government. 

As a member of DedSec, players will go up against those criminal opportunists, sadists, mercenaries, cybercriminals, and more; you will have to be prepared for a variety of situations. One of your main tasks is to recruit members into their DedSec Resistance to take on these criminal opportunists, liberate London and uncover the identity of Zero-Day.

If you want to continue your fight with DedSec, you can purchase Watch Dogs: Legion and enjoy discounts on the game and Season Pass during the Free Weekend. You can either purchase the game via the Ubisoft Store or Epic Games Store where there will be a 60% discount on the Standard, Deluxe, Gold and Ultimate Editions and 25% off for the Season Pass.

Go on a Delightfully Cute Adventure in Kitaria Fables

Source: PQube

From the publishers of Kill La Kill, Cat Quest, BlazBlue and more comes the delightfully cute action-adventure role-playing game, Kitaria Fables, which will give you an escape from the dreariest of days. 

Kitaria Fables is set in a fantasy world inhabited by anthropomorphic critters and shares the tropes of most action-adventure RPGs. You will be armed with a sword, bow and spellbook as you have to fight back against a rising darkness threatening the world. However, to prepare you for this task, you will have to tend to your farm to grow provisions. 

On Thunderbunn Farm, you will have to work hard to upgrade your tools and unlock new produce which will help you create new recipes that will aid you in your quest. Once you are ready, you can then set out to traverse various environments in the sprawling world of Kitaria where you will collect resources to craft gear and accessories.

The real-time battles in Kitaria Fables are intense and you will have to be quick on your feet to switch up between your loadouts. One of the best things about Kitaria Fables is that you can bring along a friend in local couch co-op mode.

Kitaria Fables is available on Steam and it is currently 20% cheaper for the Standard or Deluxe Edition.

WRC 10 is Now Officially Available on Steam and the Epic Games Store

For grease monkeys, petrolheads and rally fans, you will definitely be excited to know that the official video game of the FIA World Rally Championship, WRC 10 is now available for purchase on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

To celebrate 50 years of this high-octane competition in 2022, WRC 10 comes in a unique anniversary edition, bursting with new features and driving thrills. A retrospective mode offers players the chance to relive 19 events that have shaped the history of the Championship. These challenging special stages put drivers' skills to the test by imposing conditions specific to each era. Drive six historic rallies, including the legendary Acropolis Rally (Greece) and Rallye Sanremo (Italy), with over 20 of the WRC's most iconic cars: Alpine, Audi, Lancia, Subaru, Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota and more. 

Besides these special stages, the Career mode has also been given a new coat of paint with a new livery editor that gives you the chance to create a signature look for your own team. You can now apply your own colours to championship cars to complement the 52 official teams of the 2021 season.

The highly-praised physics have also been improved to offer players an even more realistic experience. Control of aerodynamic forces, the turbo and braking have received particular attention on all surfaces so that WRC 10 recreates more accurate and intense driving sensations. Immersion has all been increased with a completely reworked audio design.

To extend the experience, NACON and KT Racing Studio have promised that the game will be enriched in the months following the launch, through several free updates bringing in new cars as well as new birthday events, regular updates of the Co-Driver Mode, new stickers in the livery editor, and finally a brand new Online Multiplayer Championship Mode.

Medieval Grand Theft Auto, Rustler Gallops its Way on to Steam

Source: Modus Games

Drawing inspiration from the classic top-down Grand Theft Auto games, Modus Games took that formula and gave it a medieval spin and the result is Rustler. In this medieval crime simulator, you cause havoc by unleashing cows launched out of catapults, lighting hay bales on fire and much more.

In Rustler, you play as the anti-hero Guy, a brigand determined to win The Grand Tournament and its illustrious prize, while causing as much ruckus and destroying everything in his path. As Guy, you will complete quests, race horses, vandalise property and shoot cows into the sky and plenty more in this game.

You can purchase Rustler on Steam, by clicking HERE. From now until September 8, the game will have a 30% discount for the standard edition and Bard Pack, which comes with the game’s soundtrack & Digital Art Book.

A Total War Saga: Troy Gets Expansion of Epic Proportions

A Total War Saga: Troy’s latest MYTHOS expansion pack allows players to embrace the legends of Ancient Greece and experience the Trojan War in all its mythological glory.

In this latest expansion, you can create your own odyssey and embark on one of three new expeditions to track, fight and tame legendary beasts and unleash them upon your enemies. These beasts include Cerberus - the vicious hound of Hades; the Griffin - a deadly masters of the skies; and the Hydra - a nine-headed serpent that spreads poison and madness.

Other than these beasts, you will also enlist the skills of renowned heroes of the age alongside devastating mythical warriors. Multiple new units are yours to recruit, including Arimaspoi and Shades from the underworld alongside mythological redesigns for units such as the Centaur, Giants and Minotaur.

On top of that, you will gain access to new supercharged divine abilities such as Zeus’ Thunderbolt or Poseidon’s Tidal Wave which will easily turn the tide of the battle in your favour. 

A brand-new game mode will also be available to all owners of TROY for free and this dramatically changes the gameplay experience. HISTORICAL mode offers refreshing gameplay that overhauls TROY’s main features so that players can experience the Aegean conflict from a traditional, grounded-in-reality perspective. Changes include wars being fought between generals and their bodyguards instead of one-man armies wielding the powers of gods. In addition to this, the new Administration mechanic will be available in each game mode to help with the management of your Aegean empires.

A Total War Saga: Troy is available on Steam and from now until October 1, the Standard Edition has a 25% discount while the Mythic and Heroic Edition have 31% and 40% discounts respectively.

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