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Legion Weekly Gaming News: Week of 26 July 2021

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Legion weekly gaming news is where you will find a compilation of bite-sized news about upcoming game releases, DLC announcements and industry news. This week, you will find news regarding:

1. Get Mothergunship and Train Sim World 2 for free on the Epic Games Store

2. Samurai Warriors 5 arrives on Steam

3. The Ascent is now available on Steam and the Microsoft Store

4. The Tenants receive a new Tenancy update

5. Skyrim mod turn standalone game, The Forgotten City is available now

6. Portal-hopping platformer Unbound: Worlds Apart has been released

Read on to find out more.

Mothergunship and Train Sim World 2 Are Free on the Epic Games Store

Source: Terrible Posture Games (L) & Dovetail Games (R)

The Epic Games Store is currently running its Summer Sale where you purchase some of the newest games with a hefty discount. However, if you are on a tight budget, from today until August 5, you can get the over-the-top bullet-hell first-person shooter, Mothergunship, or the more down-to-earth simulator, Train Sim World 2 for absolutely no cost.

Released three years ago by publishers Versus Evil and developed by Terrible Posture Games, Mothergunship is a bullet-hell FPS hybrid where you play as Earth’s last hope against the armadas of data-hoarding robotic alien invaders. You will have to fight your way through the alien fleets, facing randomised enemies, levels and face off against some of the biggest bosses seen in the genre.

Like other bullet-hell games, you will be dodging hundreds of bullets while destroying hordes of aliens machines and manoeuvring around deadly traps. After each level, you will also be able to personalise your arsenal of destruction with the extremely modular gun-crafting system that lets you create weapons such as a twelve-barrel gun that fires homing rockets and lightning shotguns. Finally, you can also bring a partner with you in a full co-op experience.

If Mothergunship sounds too hectic for your liking, you could also opt to get Train Sim World 2 that was released last year by Dovetail Games. Train Sim World 2 puts you in the cab of iconic machines on three renowned routes, take control of the German ICE high-speed on Köln Schnellfahrstrecke; the CSX on Sand Patch Grade and master the complex station operations of the world-famous London Underground with the Bakerloo Line.

The latest iteration of the game also introduces custom tools that allow you to get creative with the Livery Designer and a Scenario Planner that lets you plan where you want to go and scenarios for your routes. The latest version of the SimuGraph® vehicle dynamics engine adds adhesion physics where you will feel the wheel slip and slide in adverse weather and an added challenge of control on steep inclines.

You can redeem your free copy of Mothergunship by clicking HERE. As for Train Sim World 2, just click HERE.

Epic Historical Drama, Samurai Warriors 5 is Now Available on Steam

If you are in the mood for epic 1 vs 1,000 battles KOEI TECMO America and Omega Force have got you covered as they recently released the newest entry to the epic historical drama, Samurai Warriors 5 on Steam.

The latest entry to the storied franchise takes place after the end of the Ōnin War, during the Sengoku period, and tells the story of two of the most preeminent military commanders of this period – Nobunaga Oda, and Mitsuhide Akechi. Samurai Warriors 5 includes various eras from this period, including the younger years of Nobunaga, when he was known as “Owari’s Great Fool,” and the period of turmoil and upheaval leading to the Honnō-ji Incident.

There are a total of 27 main playable characters and 10 additional side characters, which include new and returning warriors such as Ieyasu Tokugawa and Hideyoshi Hashiba to Nō, and Yoshimoto Imagawa. Many of the characters you know and love have been completely redesigned and reimagined to fit the storyline’s time period.

On top of that, there are also various new Musou actions including newly designed Musou Frenzy Attacks and all-new Ultimate Skills that will blow away hordes of enemies in an exhilarating fashion. These actions are given vibrant new Japanese ink painting art style that adds extra flair during your battles.

KOEI TECMO America and Omega Force have also announced that the game will receive two waves of DLC content that will be available separately through a Season Pass in August. DLC Wave 1 includes three new action-packed scenarios, three additional horses, and two weapon sets. DLC Wave 2 adds three more heroic scenarios, three more horses, and three new sets of weapons.

Cyberpunk Action-Shooter RPG, The Ascent is Now Available

Source: Neon Giant

Forget Night City, it is time for you to make your mark in the brave new world of Veles. The Ascent is a cyberpunk action-shooter role-playing game by publishers Curve Digital and Swedish indie studio, Neon Giant, a 12 person studio made up of brilliants minds behind AAA titles such as Gears of War, Bulletstorm and Wolfenstein franchises.

In the Ascent, you will dive into ‘The Ascent Group’ arcology, a self-contained corporate-run metropolis that is filled with creatures from all over the galaxy. You take on the role of an indentured worker that has to navigate and survive in a world that starts to go haywire when The Ascent Group shuts down for unknown reasons.

The game combines many different aspects of twin-stick shooters and action RPGs and adds new features that take the genre to new levels. Features of the game include a free-roam play style in a cyberpunk inspired dystopian world; Classic RPG mechanics that enable you to build up their character including cyberware, augmentations and looting; An unprecedented sense of verticality within its world, with different levels and platforms discernible within play; A double-aim mechanic that enables you to utilise the full screen and choose between multiple targets anywhere in the environment and a narrative-led adventure playable in single and up to four-player co-op modes.

You can purchase The Ascent from Steam or the Microsoft Store. From now until August 5, there is a 10% discount on the game.

Rental Property Empire Simulator, The Tenants Get New Update

The rental property empire simulator by Ancient Forge Studio, The Tenants has just received its first major patch dubbed the Tenancy update that introduces new and exciting features that will change many aspects of its gameplay.

One of the biggest new features is the addition of new tenant archetypes: Wondersville folks have taken the time to expand their horizons, and now you will be able to meet and house Artists who enjoy units designed with a bit more pizzazz. 

The update also introduces many new Elite Contracts and dozens of new furniture items. You might especially enjoy the set of contracts that involve designing a wedding reception space and the interior of a chapel for the ceremony.

The Tenants is a game where you play as a landlord looking to build a rental property empire so you have to acquire apartments and rent them out. But it isn’t that simple as you will face problematic tenants and will have to resolve their issues as quickly as possible. These issues range from the mundane such as fixing broken TVs to more complicated ones such as shutting down rowdy parties. 

The Tenants is still in Early Access but already has hours of gameplay packed into it. You can get it from Steam or the Epic Games Store.

Timetravel Murder Mystery, The Forgotten City  is Out Now

Source: Modern Storyteller

The Forgotten City by indie studio, Modern Storyteller started life as a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It was downloaded over 3 million times and even won an award at the Australian Writers’ Guild Award back in 2016. Due to its massive success, the mod has been transformed into a standalone game and has just been released on Steam, Microsoft Store, GOG and the Epic Games Store.

The Forgotten City is a narrative-driven murder mystery game of exploration and deduction, that takes place in a secret underground city during the Roman Empire, where twenty-three lost souls cling to life. In this precarious utopia, if one person breaks the mysterious Golden Rule, everyone dies. You must relive the city's final moments in an endless loop, changing the course of the day with each secret you uncover. Combat is an option, but violence will only get you so far. Only by cleverly exploiting the time loop and making difficult moral choices can you hope to unravel this murderous riddle.

The re-imagining is a truly beautiful one as the game’s fictional open-world ancient Roman city is filled with historically authentic art, architecture and costumes. Throughout your adventure, you will meet richly detailed and deeply interactive characters. There will be multiple ways for you to solve problems including reasoning, charming, bribing, intimidating, violence or cleverly exploiting the time loop. How you deal with the moral dilemmas you face will lead you to one of the many different endings.

From now until August 5, The Forgotten City will have a 10% discount on the Epic Games Store, GOG and Steam.

Portal-Hopping Adventure, Unbound: Worlds Apart Has Been Released

Alien Pixel Studios’ portal-hopping platformer adventure game, Unbound: World Apart is a dark fantasy game with Metroidvania elements. You play as Soli, a young mage with the power to open portals and control the properties of each world - such as inverse gravity, time manipulation, super strength and more. You will have to use the powers of 10 different portals to overcome malevolent monsters, mind-boggling puzzles and stop a perilous evil from tearing reality apart.

Throughout your journey as Soli, you will traverse ethereal hand-drawn environments, complete quests, collect ancient lore, outmanoeuvre enemies and meet a cast of otherworldly characters. You will open up new lands and gameplay possibilities as you continue to explore further.

Unbound: World Apart is available now on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store and has a 15% discount from now until August 5.

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