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Legion offers maximum gaming performance with the latest 10th Generation Intel® Core™ H-series and AMD Ryzen 4000 H-series processors, Nvidia® GeForce RTX™ or GTX™ graphics.

Nvidia® GeForce RTX™ offers real-time ray-tracing for amazing visual fidelity in the latest games.

Dual Burn technology pushes the limits on CPU and GPU together for maximum performance in-game.

Legion TrueStrike RGB KEYBOARD

The advanced Legion TrueStrike gaming keyboard offers soft-landing switch technology for comfort and tactility with up to 1.5mm key travel. It is highly accurate with 100% anti-ghosting and a response time of under 1 millisecond.

The full sized keyboard with dedicated media controls and large arrow keys is also highly durable with a high-resistance coating that resists oil and abrasions.

Coldfront 2.0 thermal system

The Coldfront 2.0 thermal system uses an array of sensors to constantly predict temperatures and optimize cooling. Silent heat dissipation is achieved with the highly efficient vapor chamber or heatpipes and Dual Liquid Crystal Polymer fans.

This enables the Legion notebook to maximize CPU and GPU performance while ensuring stability, low temperatures and quiet performance.

Coldfront 2.0 also improves airflow by directing heat away from your hands and venting warm air out from the rear of the laptop.


Legion features amazing color accurate displays with blazing fast refresh rate.

The 100% sRGB color-accurate display is also certified by X-RiteTM Pantone for true-to-life images and brilliant hues for critical work in photo editing and video production.

The 1080p IPS displays are up to 240Hz refresh rate, under 1ms response time, 100% Adobe RGB color accuracy, VESA-certified high dynamic range (HDR 400), 500nits brightness with optional Nvidia G-SYNC®.

Lenovo Legion makes the most of your display panel’s capabilities through Dolby Vision which offers deeper blacks and brighter whites without washing out color or contrast.

Up To 8 Hours Endurance

Legion will last you up to 8 hours on the go, thanks to its powerful 80Whr and Lenovo’s unique Hybrid Mode.

Lenovo Legion 5i & 7i are also the first in the world to feature Nvidia Advanced Optimus technology, dynamically detecting and switches GPU based on workload for improved battery efficiency.
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